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15 Easter Activity Ideas For Families

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The Easter Holidays are coming up, and what better way to make special family memories than doing some fun-filled activities.

To help get you started we have listed our 15 favourite Easter family activities.

1. Egg and spoon race

Try this good old-fashioned outdoor game after your Easter egg hunt is over! Egg and spoon races date back to the late 1800s.

2. Jelly bean guessing game

Simply fill a jar with jelly beans and ask each family member to guess how many candies there are. Winner (the closest without going over) takes all!

3. Read Easter or Spring themed children's books

Gather the kids and curl up with a good book, especially if Easter falls on a rainy day this year.

4. Plant flowers

Easter symbolises rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips or daffodils with your budding gardener?

5. Decorate an Easter egg tree

Decorate a tree (indoors or outside, depending on the weather) with plastic Easter eggs and any other spring decor (such as pastel ribbons or tissue paper flowers) for your holiday guests to admire.

6. Make chocolate fondue

Melt down that giant chocolate bunny and dip those marshmallow chicks into a bubbling bowl of fondue.

7. Create Easter cards

Send the family a hand made card this Easter and put your kids crafting skills to the test.

8. Make Easter bonnets

Bonnet making is a fantastic tradition, you can really make some creative bonnets when you put your mind to it.

9. Give a gift basket

Teach kids to perform a random act of kindness this Easter and put together a gift basket for an elderly relative or neighbour.

10. Make brunch together

Involve your kids in the kitchen by making brunch or dessert items for your Easter feast.

11. Go to church

We must not forget the origins of Easter Sunday, why not show the children but taking them to the Easter Sunday service.

12. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

A classic activity to do at Easter, hide the eggs around the house or garden and the children must search for them.

13. Bake Easter themed treats

Easter is a time many love to spend eating! Why not bake some classic treats such as rice crispy buns to share with the family.

14. Start an Easter Tradition

Many families love to have traditions which they will do each year, why not start one this year! It could be crafty, baking or even playing a board game.

15. Movie night

Easter movies are great to watch as a family, why not snuggle in with all your Easter Eggs and enjoy one!

We hope you have enjoyed our list, have a happy Easter!


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