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3D Paper Craft Cafe

Updated: Jan 9

Design and build your very own cafe using the template provided.

1. Café:

  • Download and print the template to get started!

  • Colour it in, carefully cut it out and build your café – as per the instructions. Don’t forget to choose a name!

Cafe Tempate and Instructions
Download PDF • 5.05MB

2. Healthy Choices:

  • What healthy drink and food options will you serve? Design a menu!

  • Will you serve homemade foods such as soup or sandwiches?

  • What about seasonal foods?

3. Dietary requirements:

  • What options will you serve for Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarians and Halal diets?

4. Environmental:

  • Can customers sit in your café, or will it be takeaway only, or both?

  • Will you use recyclable or reusable materials for your cups?

We'd love to see your creations, email us


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