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7 Spooky Craft Ideas

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

It's October and therefore the official countdown to Halloween has begun - Yippee!

Here are 7 Spooky Craft ideas for the next 7 days for you to enjoy.

(Make sure you check out next week's 7 Scary Science Experiments!)

1. Pumpkin Paper Plate:

Pumpkin carving too difficult for your little one? Why not make your own pumpkin using a paper plate and some assorted craft materials?

2. Halloween Slime Jars

Why make one jar of slime when you could make 3? All with their own special Halloween twist!

3. Spider Hand Prints

Spiders don't have to be scary, why not put those creative fingers to good use and use them to create spiders using your hand shape!

4. Flying Witch Paper Plate

Go one step further with your witch themed craft this year and and make your witch fly!

5. Pinecone Bat

Put nature to good use this Halloween and use a pinecone to create a friendly bat!

6. Black Cat Paper Strips

Make your very own fury companion this Halloween, and its even 3D!

7. Cotton Ball Ghost

Liven up your home with some friendly or maybe some not so friendly ghosts this Halloween!

For even more Halloween fun, including puzzles, games, crafts, science and so much more, check out our Halloween Wonder Book in our shop!


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