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Game Counters

Here are some DIY game counters for you to download or copy!

1. Front and back 3D counters

Copy/print and cut out and slide the first one over the top of the second one. Don't forget to add colour!

2. Free Standing 3D counters

Copy/print and cut out - fold the the two sides inwards and glue the heads together as per the diagram below

3. Circular counters

Copy/print and cut out and use as a 2D counter on your board game. There are two options for you to use as inspiration for your game.

Twinkle Magic Counters
Download PDF • 49KB

Download PDF • 9KB


Don't have a dice? No problem!

Either copy or print, and cut out the template below - pierce a hole through the middle (marked) and push a sharpened pencil through the middle and spin it on a flat surface.

Number Spinner
Download PDF • 944KB


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