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Rainy Day Activities

Updated: Mar 15

With Autumn around the corner and the wet weather looming, here are some ideas to keep entertained!

For children reading this, please make sure you ask for your parents permission first !

20 Rainy Day Ideas

  1. Obstacle Course

  2. Make Slime (corn flour & water)

  3. Wash the dog

  4. Make a treasure map and place hidden treasure around your home

  5. Make a paper boat and see if it floats

  6. Decorate a T-shirt

  7. Yoga workout

  8. Make your own Play-doh

  9. Have a fashion show

  10. Re arrange your bedroom (or tidy it!)

  11. Have a PJ Party

  12. Make up a story; Illustrate it

  13. Learn to juggle

  14. Make shadow puppets

  15. Create a musical instrument out of recyclables

  16. Family games night

  17. Build a fort

  18. Learn some sign language

  19. Play or learn how to play chess or checkers

  20. Design your own and play Snakes & Ladders

We hope you have fun trying out some of these ideas! Keep looking back, as we'll be posting some more over the coming weeks.

And of course, don't forget to let us know how you get on!

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