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Stickman to Masterpiece

Kids love to draw, and more importantly drawing is a vital tool for their mental mindfulness, in terms of keeping it in check. It boast an array of benefits, from focusing the mind to improving dexterity.

But what if we showed you how to turn a simple stickman into a simple masterpiece? Well, here's your chance. Take a look at our 6 steps to create either a Scottie Dog or a Garden Gnome...

All your need for this is a pencil (possibly a rubber) and plain paper - we recommend drawing three lines to create 6 boxes to begin with, similar to below.

Ok, now on to the fun part, firstly draw your stickman in box one and then follow each box to see what you need to add to it.

Stickman to Scottie Dog

Stickman to Garden Gnome

Once you've had a go at these, why not try your hand at your very own stickman masterpiece!

Let us know how you go, @thewondercompanyuk - or email us at

Have fun!


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