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Wanted Poster Activity

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

An activity that we love is our Photofit Wanted Poster. Here you have to piece together the identity of the villain after they had gone on the run.

This is a really fun activity for kids - especially for them to create a story of their own around.

Download our Photofit Wanted Poster below and get your kids to try their hand at creating a Wanted Poster?

Perhaps you can create a 'Guess Who' game around it, whereby you print two copies, you build one and they have to guess what your 'Wanted Person' looks like by asking questions and building their own copy as they answer correctly... why not create a story around it too - kids love an investigation!

How to Create a Photofit
Download PDF • 10.74MB

Here's some information about Wanted Posters, their history and what they're used for today.

What are Wanted Posters?

A wanted poster (or wanted sign) is a poster distributed to let the public know of a person whom authorities wish to apprehend. They generally include a picture of the person, either a photograph when one is available or of a facial composite image produced by the police.

What where Wanted Posters used for?

In the 1800s during a time when mass media didn't exist, issuing a wanted poster served as an important means of distributing information about alleged criminals

How are they used today?

Over 490 Most Wanted fugitives have been apprehended by the FBI, one-third of which were captured thanks to tips from the public.

The FBI has been using wanted posters since the 1930s to inform the public about fugitives who are sought to face criminal charges in court.

The FBI is the lead agency for exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities, that threaten the US.

How were wanted posters made?

In the classic era of the Old West—1870s and 1880s—most reward posters were just handbills or postcards sent to law enforcement officials with printed descriptions of the wanted men. ... Some lawmen carried photos made of criminals when they were in prison.

What was the first wanted poster?

“Abduction of Charlie Brewster Ross,” announced a wanted poster created in 1874, and handed out to people in the Philadelphia area. Two young boys had been kidnapped from their wealthy family. The older of the two boys was later found on the street, where the kidnappers had abandoned him.


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