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Why we LOVE imagination!

Updated: Mar 15

The Wonder Company, (the people behind the Active Healthy Happy website) are all about creating WONDER content and WOW moments - but the 'WOW' moment extends further than just the initial product offering, because one of the secret ingredients in all their content creation and products they work on has something incredibly special... yep, you guessed it, imagination!

Where would we be in the world without this incredible gift our mind has to offer?

So why does The Wonder Company LOVE imagination so much? Here's their top reasons why...

1. Explore new worlds

Imagination allows us to explore new worlds, wether that be visiting countries around the world or creating your very own fantasy world. Learn about the traditions and cultures of the world from your very own home through creative mediums such as storytelling, crafts, food and more!

2. Become anyone you want to be!

Through creativity and imagination we can become anybody we want to be: an astronaut on an important mission to Mars, a teacher helping others to learn or a mermaid saving the dolphins.

3. Imagination is the key to innovation.

Imagination is responsible for so many of the things we take for granted in our lives. Things such as the Internet, Aeroplanes, Skyscrapers, Bridges, Tv & Film and so many others. After all "Everything real in this world was imagined first" !!

4. Using imagination is key to a child's development

When children use their imagination in play, they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities that help them understand the world in which they live and their relation to it - they are learning to solve problems, create new possibilities, even change the world.

5. Exploring the inner-self

Imaginative play also allows us to explore both the physical world and the inner self at the same time, helping us to recognise our own emotional responses to things, which is a very healthy process.

6. Opportunity for family time

Exploring imagination and creativity provides many opportunities for quality family time, why not work together to create a magnificent jetpack? Or create an exploding volcano!

Let us know your thoughts @thewondercompanyuk or email


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